cycleamerica2014 map

From the map above you can see the route that is planned out. On Sunday 3rd August 2014 we will set off from the Space Needle, Seattle and cycle 1400 miles in 19 days arriving on Thursday 21st August 2014 at Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles.

The states will shall be cycling across are: Washington, Oregon & California.



4 responses

12 08 2011
mark scott

Hi I have just cycled john o groats to lands end (UK) solo unsupported and thought that was some way but your ride blows it out of the water!

Keep pedalling and keep the carbs going in, good luck you wil do it!



18 08 2011

Thanks Mark,
John O Groats to Lands End solo & unsupported is an awesome achievement,

28 09 2011
Steven Prime

Steven – Excellent blog..I’m thinking of doing something similar for my Charity….I need some advice…

28 09 2011

Thank you, Id be happy to give some advice,
Drop me an email on,


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