Somebody Save Me…..

10 08 2014


So tomorrow is the start of 12 months of planning & 8 months of training all comes down to tomorrow morning at the Seattle Space Needle. I’m hoping my Insanity workout at the start of this year has put me in good stead. ( I’ll be envisaging Shaun T saying “you’ve got to dig deeper, you can do this”. If you’ve never seen Insanity, just smile & nod right now!!!)

So to catch everyone up on the past few days. We have been in Seattle since Wednesday evening acclimatising, getting used to the salty, fatty & sugar filled American foods & doing some sight seeing. So far I think I’ve had 9 sugar rushes, drank 20 litres of water and become addicted to Starbucks Coffee. My caffeine fix had to satisfied from somewhere!!! So today we stumbled upon the first ever Starbucks at 1912 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA. If it wasn’t for the novelty that it was the 1st one set up in 1971; I would have walked out due to the crap, slow service. I think we waited an hour to get the same coffee that we could 100 yards away at the next Starbucks. You would have thought that being the 1st ever store they really would have made the effort to get the store operations quick, efficient & 1st class customer service!!!

I’m going call it that yesterday was one of the best days of my life. For anyone that knows me, since being a teenager I have been obsessed with the American TV show Smallville. Steven = massive geek!!!!! To prepare for this day over the past few weeks I have been watching a lot of episodes. We visited the locations which were the Kent Farm & The Talon. We drove nearly 3 hours & crossed the border into Canada to find them!!

Kent Farm…. 839 248th Street, Aldergrove, BC
The Talon…. 57th and 176th Street in Cloverdale, BC

We were even listening to the soundtracks as we drove!!! So I was like a kid in candy shop. Couldn’t get enough photo’s, couldn’t stop talking about different scenes, the characters, the plots…. My head nearly exploded…. Seriously…. Mind = Blown….

So after that ecstacy we stumbled upon an Esquires Coffee….. Managed to get my fix whilst boring Nathan & Dayle with my Esquires trivia & Smallvile excitement…

The day wasn’t over yet. We booked to have dinner at the top of the Seattle Space Needle. All of us took out mortgages to pay for it; but it was worth every dime. The delicious food, beautiful view of the Seattle skyline, excellent service & great company. Perfection…. If only I was rich, I could do that every night….

So with all that excitement, I am looking forward to getting on the bike and smashing out the miles, so that when I get to Santa Monica beach I can film part two of Baywatch on bikes!!! (If you have seen my flyers, you will know what I mean)

Love to all…




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22 08 2014

Hi! I met you guy’s on top of the space needle! i commented on Dayle’s blog as well, it was more extensive in your ventures. Sorry it didn’t go as planned. If you guys are ever in the US again let us know! I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

24 08 2014

Hey Camie… Thanks for your message… I really appreciate it…. I have a long recovery ahead of me but fortunately nothing permanent… Are you on Facebook? Steven

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