The Start of…….

5 08 2014

So here we go…. The start of….

I’ve been meaning to write this first post for about 3 months now but the words just haven’t come.

It’s the evening before we fly out to Seattle and so many thoughts & emotions are flying through my mind. Now that I’ve signed off from work my mind is free to think about my last trip in 2011 and what the next month has in store for me. 

In 2011 I cycle I cycled 3000 miles in 32 days from east to west across America. The 50c heat in the Arizona desert, hanging onto a tree to stop being blown away, the beautiful national forests, the rednecks, the dogs that chased me, the hallucinations. The list is endless. So these experiences makes me think….. What adventures will we find in America this time? You probably think I might want to avoid the heat, the wind, the nature & the people, but these were the moments that made it into the trip of a lifetime. I hope this trip will give me experiences that will shape who I am into the future. Moments that will make me more determined, stronger and better equipped to take on more of life challenges…… 

We are the sum of our experiences. It’s not about who we are on the inside, good intentions are noble, but it’s what we do that makes us who we are. I read a great quote recently….. “Life isn’t measured by the amount of time you’re here, it’s measured by your achievements” 

So here’s to the next adventure of a lifetime. I hope I have many more stories to tell….. More stories that will probably bore most people, but stories that will take my breath away and make me feel alive…. 




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