3000 miles in 32 days……job done!!!!!!

28 08 2011

We all dream of doing amazing things in life. For most people they stay untouched in our heads. I think a lot of people like to keep it that way to avoid spoiling them and the risk of failure. We have this romantic view of riding off into the sunset where we all live happily ever after!!!!!!

Unfortunately life isn’t quite like that. It’s messy, complicated, frustrating, stressful but mostly hard. In achieving something awesome in this world it’s never going to be plain sailing. The reality of working towards our dreams is never how we imagined it to be. If something is hard, do you think that is a good reason not to do it? A year ago when I had the insane thought “I want to cycle across America” I could have thought “Naaa,Illgive it a miss, I’d rather stay at home”. I’m sure I would have carried on with life as though no opportunity was missed but then I wouldn’t have found myself sitting on Santa Monica beach after cycling 3000 miles in 32 days. The journey has been tough; easily my most difficult challenge. The thunderstorms, the 120F heat, the American trucks, punctures and the sheer physical pain of cycling 7 to 8 hours a day for 32 days. You know what it was all worth it to have that moment cycling over the Los Angeles hills, seeing the Hollywood sign, smelling the sea air and rolling down into Santa Monica beach. This moment has taken my breath away. I feel overcome with amazing emotions. Happiness that I have done it but at the same time sadness that this adventure has now come to an end. These experiences have profound effects on where we are going and what we will be doing in life. I am sure that this will change my direction in life.

So is this the end of the story? Naa, it’s only just the beginning………………. Love to all……..




7 responses

28 08 2011
Mike Mills

Congratulations, Steve; well done ! An unforgettable experience for you and of great benefits for others. Well done Dayle as well.

28 08 2011

Brilliant; well done – I have really enjoyed following the blog, a quite remarkable struggle against the elements with minimal resources – pure grit and determination pulled you through. There’s a book in there somewhere!

28 08 2011

Very well done and thanks for the entertainment over the last month. Have a good time in LA. You achieved a great deal – with a tremendous focus and determination. Time to mention the charity again once you recover.

28 08 2011

well done boss, now get home in one piece and keep Dayle out of trouble! x

28 08 2011
Carolyn Fairman

It’s a bittersweet moment indeed. Well done to you and Dayle and to Becki and Arthurs! Thank you for all you’ve done and enormous congratulations. All of us at Coffee Kids will never forget it.

29 08 2011

Well done to both of you. Love from Paul and Lisa x

30 08 2011
Mike Vaughan

Congratulations Steve & Dayle on completing an epic journey! Your efforts are so inspirational. Glad you got across safely.

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