27 08 2011

So tomorrow is the final day…….

I can’t believe that we have come this far and it all comes to a head tomorrow on Santa Monica Pier. So the plan is we have 72 miles to cycle in the morning, a short day in comparison to the past few days, and finish at 4pm (Midnight UK time). At the moment I am buzzing and I think that I will be going pretty crazy tomorrow.

So today was another tough one. We cycled 100 miles but until around 2pm the weather was so hot again, hitting 114F and we had to climb 2500ft. Ill admit that at times today I just wanted it to be over. For the whole of this trip I have loved the cycling but yesterday & today I did wish I was still sitting in the motel.  A friend recently told me a Winston Churchill quote “when your going through hell, keep going”. I was thinking about this a lot today, just to keep cycling and that it was the final hurdle. So we hit 2500ft and as we came over the brow of the hill the temperature started to drop. We were finally feeling the cooler air from the pacific ocean. Loved it….. We picked up the miles in the afternoon to make up the miles.

So tomorrow is the day…the day that I have been planning for 9 months & cycling for 31 days…..its going to be legendary!!!!!!







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27 08 2011
Mike Mills

Keep going and enjoy the last “few” miles. Glad to hear the temperature’s dropped a bit. We’ll all be glad to see you back.

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