Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway

26 08 2011

So today we hit the Arizona & California desert. It is just south of an area called ‘Death Valley’. I managed to cycle from Quartzside, Arizona to just before Indio, California. There was a section of 90 miles with only one service station after 60 miles. It is just mile and mile of road & sand. I have had to get the sand out of my shoes this evening. You know what, I have to say that today was the toughest day of the trip!!!!!! The temperature hit 49C/120F today at around 4pm. It was so hot that Dayle’s skin started to bubble (He spent the afternoon in the car with the after sun & the air con).  I decided to carry on and cycle through the heat. At this point I didn’t realise how hot it actually was. I guess ignorance is bliss. Every hour I had to stock up on water. I think everyone on the interstate was amazed that a cyclist was out in this weather. I even had people beeping their horn and shouting “you can do it!!!” A hottie called Amy saw me and stopped off to give me some water. Thank you.

The heat really grinds you down. Throughout the day I made sure to pace myself. At points I could have gone faster but I kept holding back. Later on in the day I was happy I did this. Sitting here on my bed in a nice air conditioned room feels awesome. Although it was a hard day I am so pleased that I persisted through the weather. I still can’t believe that I cycled through 49C. Crazy……

So I stopped off this afternoon in cafe in the desert (called Desert Cafe). I looked up on the wall and there was the quote “Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway” by John Wayne. At this point I found out what the temperature was outside. We had only covered about 85 miles at this point. There was no choice but to carry on. So I got on my bike and rode off into the sunset…….. truly awesome day….

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