Day 28 – 40mph is fun….

24 08 2011

What an incredible day…….it was legendary. So we started off at 7000ft in Flagstaff, NM and dropped to 3000ft over the first 45 miles. It was great coasting down the hill. Although there was a lot of traffic it was an easy morning. However we then hit the hill I have known about for a long time. It was a 4000ft climb over 15 miles!!!!!!!! We hit the bottom of the mountain so I dropped down to the lowest gear and decided to pace myself up 3/4 then to attack the final stretch. I hit 7000ft feeling comfortable and could have gone higher had the hill not stopped!!!! The view’s were amazing over Arizona. Looking back over where we had just come from, but what was more exciting was the drop in front of us. We flew down the other side, hitting 40mph at one point. It felt like we were racing down the hill, hitting the corners faster than the signs were recommending for cars. So the 4000ft climb was definitely worth drop.

So we coming near the end of this epic adventure. We only have 4 more days of cycling until we reach the pacific ocean. 3000 miles in 32 days….crazy…….I can’t believe how far we have come…….so far we have hit just under 2500miles. It has been full of high’s and low’s but the most important aspect is us raising as much as we can for Coffee Kids. You can donate by going to and clicking donate OR go to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate and help make a difference.

Love to all….




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