Cycling is a way of life……

22 08 2011

So today I have been thinking, wow, I can’t believe its the end of Day 26. We have been on the road for that long. This means that we only have another 6 days of cycling until we finish at Santa Monica. On the one hand I’m happy that we are near the finish, that we are on the brink of completing 3000 miles in 32 days. However the adventure is nearly over. I can remember when I finished cycling John O Groats to Lands End and I wanted to carry on cycling. Even though we will have been cycling for 32 days I’m sure I will feel the same. I have living and breathing cycling every second of every day. After 26 days I am still loving every second of the cycling and I’m sure if this trip was 100 days I would feel the same. Cycling for me is a way of life. It makes me feel alive……

So we have managed to cycle 126 miles today in less than 7 hours cycling. Boom, well happy with that. It was all down hill but still it felt good to hit a 19mph average for the day. It did finish off with a puncture in the last 5 miles, but all is good.





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22 08 2011
Mike Mills

You’re right, Steve; cycling IS a way of life. I’ve been cycling more or less every day of my life for many years, although only once 100 miles in a day ! Many people don’t cycle possibly because of the fear of danger and they think it’s hard work. But they don’t know what they’re missing. Apart from the many joys of cycling, there are also the enormous health benefits. Your diary has been inspirational. You’re doing a great job and many people will thank you both for it.

22 08 2011

Robyn put me onto this – it’s a great thing you guys are doing, wish you all the best. The end is in sight, and awesome going on the 19mph average. Must be bittersweet that it’s coming to an end. I guess you’ll be looking forward to a rest, but sad that it’s over!

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