Day 24 Albuquerque, NM to Thoreau, NM

21 08 2011

So it has been 1st day back on the road after our 1 day break and it has been a good day. The weather conditions at this altitude are much better for cycling. Cooler temperatures, a few clouds and hardly any wind. Although we started later today we still managed to hit 106 miles by7pm. Tonight we have arrived in a town calledThoreau,New Mexico. Arturs and Becki went ahead earlier on in the day to find some accommodation so when we arrived they were waiting by the side of the road. We looked over Thoreau and were surprised at the poverty that we saw before us. So many houses boarded up and as soon as we pulled over at where we were staying people were coming up to us begging.

So tonight we are staying in a church. There are no motels and we have been told that this is the safest place to stay. The pastor has kindly let us crash on the floor for the night. They don’t have any running water so we have had to shower in a disaster relief van which sits outside. There is a thunderstorm heading our way and we have been told that the power might go down!!!!! Also if someone knocks on the door during the night not to answer it…..should be an interesting night…….




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