Day 23 – Somewhere to Albuquerque, NM

20 08 2011

So day 23 has been a fun day. I have been worrying about us joining the Interstate today; which is the equivalent of the motorway in the UK. Will we be allowed the cycle on it? Will it be safe? After cycling on quiet roads will it be boring cycling? All these questions were answered within minutes of joining it. It was so much fun!!!!!! There is a large shoulder which actually makes it safer than a lot of roads that we have been on already. There was a sign as we were joining stating that cyclists were permitted to use it. Although Dayle didn’t read the sign fully; thinking that it was prohibited!!!! We cycled for a couple of minutes gaining some more altitude to suddenly come to the brow of the hill and boom. We dropped about 1000ft hitting speeds over 30mph. Based on the slow progress over the past couple of days with the head wind, thunderstorms and the hills it felt great. The freedom of flying down the hill into the mountains of New Mexico, priceless.

So we arrived in Albuquerque and have had a day off. The past 7 days I have hit close to 700 miles so it has been good to just chill out for the day. This evening we have been to a fantastic reception hosted by Whole Foods to raise money for Coffee Kids. We have also spent some time at Coffee Kids HQ meeting the amazing people who deliver the projects that change people’s lives. It reminds me of why I am doing this, to raise money & awareness for coffee growing communities in Central & South America. In entering the final leg tomorrow I feel mentally and physically fresh & revitalised. California here we come………

Please please please donate to Coffee Kids. You can visit & click donate, you put some change at any Esquires Coffee House in the UK, go to or even pop a cheque in the post payable to ‘Coffee Kids’ to Esquires Coffee House, Millenium Place, Hales Street, Coventry, CV1 1JD.




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20 08 2011

Well done; you deserve a day off. I heard the piece on the radio yesterday but either they cut or didn’t refer to the charity!

20 08 2011

PS: at long last managed to donate direct through the coffee kids website. A lot easier and more secure and does Paypal so worth retaining this link.

21 08 2011

Thats awesome, thank you for your donation

20 08 2011
Mike Mills

I’m so pleased that things are going so well now, after all you’ve been through. Keep going; your story can be part of your autobiography in years to come !

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