Day 22 Fort Sumner, NM to Somewhere in the middle of knowhere

18 08 2011

So this morning we started out from Fort Sumner. I cycled round the corner from the motel and what faced me was 60 miles of nothing!!!! That’s 60 miles of no service stations, no houses & no people until the next town called Vaughn. I made sure I had lots of water & some snack bars and arranged for the support car to meet me at 30 miles with some food. So I set off into the unknown with my IPOD playing some epic tunes. I admit I was a little worried as if I had a problem I would not be able to get help. My only lifeline was the support car in 30 miles. The temperature was a moderate 90F which feels like heaven. I have to say that it was the best 60 miles cycling I have ever done. The scenery was beautiful.  I had got to the brow of a hill and found myself at the start of a road that I could see for many miles into the distance. It was perfectly straight but rolling over what look like bumps in the landscape. In every direction I could see amazing wide open spaces of untouched landscape. I turned my IPOD off and just listened to the peace and quiet of this place. WOWWW……I flew…..

So unfortunately the day didn’t finish off as it started. Dayle joined me for the 2nd half of the day having managed to fix some inner tubes. We were cycling along and suddenly out of nowhere we started to see lightning on the horizon. We nearly got caught in another thunderstorm!!!!! In this terrain we could not risk this so at 97 miles we called it quits and jumped in the car to find a motel. Frustrating end to the day but a good call…….





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