Day 20 & 21 – Memphis, TX to Fort Sumner, NM

17 08 2011

Day 20

Today was tough….the wind was constant, & unrelenting. For the whole day we struggled to hit more than 12mph!!!! After 2 hours I had to stop for a rest and popped into a café in a town called Silverton,Texas. I walked in, sat down and ordered a coffee. I stuck out like a sore thumb in all my cycling gear. A group of awesome ladies came in, all teachers from the local school, started to chatting to me. What a friendly place. Its great meeting local people and chatting to them about what we are doing. I hope that we continue to raise money & awareness for Coffee Kids. So we finished the day at only 85 miles, very frustrating day as it felt like we did well over 100!!!!


Day 21

After falling short yesterday I decided that I wanted to push ahead and try to make up some of the miles we lost yesterday. The day started with head wind!!!! But not as bad as yesterday so I pushed for 14mph. It was a tough first 35 miles as there were no service stations for water. After 2 hours I waved over a truck for some water. After lunch the weather changed completely, it was some awesome cycling in the afternoon. The conditions were perfect, the wind had dropped, the terrain was flat and the temperature was a cool 95F. I managed to hit 118 miles for the day, well happy……

I know I keep going on about the scenery but it just keeps getting better. Entering into New Mexicowe can see hills in the distance…a sign of what is to come.




2 responses

17 08 2011
Carolyn Fairman

Welcome to New Mexico! See you soon. Keep it up, you two are doing amazingly well. I love reading your stories and ponderings, very moving. We’re all behind you, remember!

18 08 2011

Thanks Carolyn, See you in a couple of days….

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