Day 17 & 18 – Talihina, OK to Mangum, OK

14 08 2011

So in 2 days I have covered 215 miles. Good progress is being made…..

The landscape has changed the dramatically over these two days. It looks like we have entered the set of a Cowboys & Indians movie. A lot of the names of places are Native American, such as Gotebo which was named after an old tribal leader hundreds of years ago. The landscape is baron with few tree’s and houses for miles. I can see for 30 miles + in every direction. There was one point where I could see less than 5 houses infront of me!!!! Fortunately the temperature had dropped slightly today making the cycling more pleasant and quicker. The roads where long, flat and straight for mile after mile. I stopped every now and again just to look at the views realising how quiet it was. Not a sound….so peaceful. I even started to see some cactus on the side of the road. Awesome day….fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow…..

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2 responses

14 08 2011
Mike Mills

It’s good to hear about easier cycling after all you’ve been through recently. I love the idea of silence, which must be a great novelty.

14 08 2011
Mike Mills

I am reminded of the words of a song by John Denver. although about another state:
Wakin up on the range, Lord I feel like an angel,
free like I almost could fly.
Drift like a cloud out over the badlands,
sing like a bird in the tree.
The wind in the sage sounds like Heaven singin’
a Song of Wyoming for me.

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