California here we come…..

14 08 2011

We have now left Norman, Oklahoma and today I found that I kept looking back. I was over 100 miles west of Norman but for a while I seemed to just gaze at the hills behind me. For the first half of this trip I have been fixated on cycling to Norman; brimming with adrenaline to keep pushing to get there. It has driven me to get this far. So today as I gazed back I started to feel quite sad that this part of the trip was now over.  It has been great revisiting where I used to life; reminding myself of a place which has shaped who I am today. Its important to let go of the past but that doesn’t mean that we should forget it. If anything we should always remember how we became who we are today. However I have always been someone who is more fascinated with the future and where I am going than where I have been. Just as I was gazing back today I looked forward and realised that I am now closer to the Pacific ocean than the Atlantic. I started to wonder/dream about what lay ahead of me and felt myself overcome with inspiration. I turned my IPOD on and played Phantom Planet, California. “California here we come…..”





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