7 08 2011

“When you feel like hope is gone, look inside yourself to find the strength to carry on”

Today was a difficult day, the conditions were the worst that I have experienced on this trip. The temperature hit over 41C and the wind was constant, unrelenting and powerful. The road was long & straight. All I could see in the distance was the heat rising off the road. Every second I was thinking when is the next service station, cafe or even a house to get some cold water. I still had some water, but it was warm. I looked down at the road and just saw mile after mile of tarmac. At this point I began to lose hope and turned my IPOD on to play some motivational and inspirational music. Then I heard the line quoted above which really hit home. I thought to myself all I can do is keep pedaling, finding the strength within to persevere against the unrelenting heat & wind, hopeful that my body can continue.

Even in our weakest moments we can find the opportunity to be strong. When people pray/wish for strength, do you think that we are given that strength or given the opportunity to show strength? At the beginning of this trip I hoped that I would be strong and persevere, today I was given that opportunity and you know what I still managed to hit 100 miles today. I am hopeful for a better tomorrow….

Love to all……




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7 08 2011

Tough & painful progress! In the darkest moments look up and see Den, cycling a little ahead of you, smiling, and saying “Steve, keep pedalling – we are going to make it”. Stay focused on the endgame – start early – and good luck!

7 08 2011
Mike Mills

Thinking about you, Steve. You’re doing a great job. Keep thinking about why you’re doing it. The weather won’t always be so unkind.

7 08 2011

Sounds like the road just keeps getting tougher and tougher since we last saw you guys, but I’m glad you have found the strength the keep going. Honestly, you’re an inspiration to everyone, especially me. I believe in your cause, and I wish you guys the best of luck from here on out. I hope the rest of your journey is safe and a little easier from here on out.

8 08 2011
Elisa Kelly

you guys are awesome, and keep that end goal in your head. What you are doing will benefit so many of the people that we work with! It is amazing what you are able to accomplish here!

8 08 2011
Carol Cain

Praying for you today from Sanctuary Hospice House! What a privilege that our Father allowed you all to be rescued at the moment I was in the kitchen warming food for my husband, Don! So honored to pray you through your journey!!
Carol Cain

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