Day 10 – Tupelo, MI to West Helena, AR

6 08 2011

Well what an eventful day again….

We started off well hitting over 30miles in less than 2 hours when I stopped to go to the toilet. I turned round and Dayle didn’t clip out of his pedals in time and fell over on the gravel. He was in some pain so I waved over a truck who took him to the Doctors to get him checked over. It turns out he has aggravated an old injury on thigh which means he is out of cycling for the next few days. A big shame because we were starting to get a good cycling rhythm.

So I cycled on for the rest of the day by myself and managed to cycle a total of 130 miles in just over 7 hours cycling. So although the day started bad I am pleased that I have managed to make up some of the miles we have lost yesterday due to the thunderstorms. Although I did have to shelter under some tree’s again as another thunderstorm came overhead but I wasn’t going to let that stop me for long today.

We crossed over the Mississippi river into Arkansas. I realised today that we are only 4 days cycling away from Norman, Oklahoma, where I studied in 2005. I’m really excited about going back to where I used to live and see some good friends.

Something I forgot to mention on yesterdays blog was that we cycled through a town called Smithville which in April was hit by a tornado. The whole town was wiped out and cycling through we could see that concrete bases on where the houses used to be. We could see where the tornado ripped through the town and countryside. It’s amazing that about 4 months later the town still hasn’t been rebuilt. It just makes me wonder where are all the people living now who used to live in this town?

So I’m off to bed hopeful that I can smash out another 100+ mile day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!!!




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