Day 8 & Day 9 Double Springs, AL to Tupelo, MI

5 08 2011

Well what a couple of days it has been………

We decided that on Day 8 we would have a half day off. So Dayle and I only cycled about 35 miles and spent the afternoon relaxing on a boat and having a BBQ.

So after an awesome day’s rest, Day 9 started well. Although we were late in starting cycling at 10am we were hitting a good 17mph in the morning. The weather was a bit overcast and cooler making perfect conditions for cycling. I really enjoyed the scenery cycling through large forests. It was pretty scary when a bird with a wind span the width of my arms flew out of a tree in front of me. It is amazing the sounds that we can hear from the tree’s and makes me wonder what is in there!!!!!! However these conditions didn’t last for long and by midday the sun was beating down on us again. I can remember thinking “I wish we had some rain to cool us down”. You should always be careful what you wish for. Suddenly out the of the clear blue sky’s we spotted a large dark cloud heading towards us and started to see huge amounts of lighting. We decided to keep cycling and take shelter if the conditions were too bad. Within about 15 minutes we had to take refuge under the some tree’s as the rain poured down, the wind picked up and the thunder & lightning was right over head. I’ll admit it was pretty scary but at the same time exhilarating. I called Becki to get her to check the weather forecast which didn’t look good. As the rain cleared we decided to keep on cycling until the conditions worsened. As we cycled through the next city we saw the damage the storm had caused. Electricity was out in some blocks, police officers were directing traffic, tree’s had been blown onto the road and even the roof off a building had been blown into the road. It was a good thing we were hiding in the tree’s rather than in this town. Within an hour Dayle had another 2 more punctures so by the time it started to rain, thunder & lightning again we had only got about 3 or 4 miles. We took refuge in another set of tree’s hoping it would clear again and we could be on our way. Unfortunately it started to get late and I made the call to Becki to get support to pick us up. By this point we were both soaking wet and freezing cold. After over an hour they could not find us and our phone had stopped working. We decided to try to walk/cycle back to the nearest town to find help. The first place we came to was the Sanctuary Hospice, Tulepo. I rang the buzzer and said “We have caught in the storm and need some help!!!!”. The first thing the lady said to me was “Are you from Scotland?” We laughed. They gave us towels, new t-shirts, food, drink and even new socks to help us.  A big thank you to these people who helped us out when we were stranded and in need to shelter. We used their phone to contact support and to give them an address to put into the Sat Nav. So here we are in our motel sitting in a nice warm bed with a happy ending to today’s story. Next time I will be more careful what I wish for……..




2 responses

5 08 2011
Mike Mills

I hope it gets better for you both. 17mph is a comfortable speed when you can do it.

5 08 2011

Reign in that wishing power Steve, What amazingly kind people u keep meeting..apart from a few asses of drivers

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