Day 7 – Gadsden, AL to Double Springs, AL

3 08 2011

So it’s the end of Day 7 and what a rollercoaster it has been. Ill admit I started the day not feeling too great. The aches and pains of long distance cycling have hit. I made sure to put lots of ice & cream on the sore parts but still this morning it was tough to get myself going. It also didn’t help that drivers here in Alabama are a lot more aggressive and don’t give us cyclists much room. Some truck’s didn’t give me any space so a few times I ended up jumping off my bike onto the grass. By around4pmthough it all changed. The temperature dropped to around 85F and there were hardly any cars on the roads. We entered the William Bankhead National Forest and all I have to say is WOW. It was probably the best cycling I have ever done. The sun was setting over beautiful forests and lakes as the road swept up and down over the rolling Alabama hills. A couple of times I just had to stop to take a deep breath and take in the view. I filmed as much as I could….What an awesome end to a hard day…….

So we are having a day off tomorrow. It means that we will be one day behind but we want to enjoy this amazing area of America. But you know what, I can’t wait to get back on the bike in anticipation of what else we will see and discover on our way to Los Angeles…..




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4 08 2011

Keep it up! This is so awe inspiring, it just makes me want to get out and walk or cycle! Not to mention to visit America, I really hope that you get the £10,000 (or whatever it is) and you get home safe and well ready to serve us all coffee once more 🙂

Good luck!

4 08 2011
Lawrence Buckley

Picked up one of your cards when I came down for the Coventry Carnival after having just cycled a mere 10th of what you guys are doing, cycling from Sheffield to Paris back in mid-June So i know some of the pain of long distance cycling and I have to say I think your brave and I have to admit I’m dead envious. I’ve got to say I have alot of resect for you and will make a donation to your cause. The only problem I see for you guys after this is how you top cycling across America?

Good luck


5 08 2011

Sounds beautiful. be nice to see the pics

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