Day 5 & 6 Gainesville, GE to Gadsden, AL

2 08 2011

So yesterday we had a few problems. Dayle being the cheeky man kept taking the piss about me having 3 puntures in one day. Well it all went down hill for him, 2 punctures yesterday and 2 today. So that mean’t yesterday we made little progress, only managing to do about 45 miles. So we called i quit’s for the day and headed to Downtown Deli Dog in Canton and what an awesom find. The place was mean’t to close at 4pm but they kept it open for us until gone 6pm to show us some awesome American food. We had some Corn Dogs!!!!!

So today we tried to get off to a good start and catch up some miles, but Dayle got 2 punctures again!!!!! It’s been an unlucky two days for him but we persevered and managed to hit 110 miles for the day.

So 6 days in and we are just under 600 miles in total and I’m just starting to feel the pains of long distance cycling. The main ones are my hands are starting to go numb and my bum is getting very sore!!!! (I have put ice on both this evening) So please please donate to Coffee Kids. The more money we raised the more the pain is worthwhile. Go to

Going into Alabama today the major thing I have noticed is the increase in Churches. On a one mile stretch of quiet road I counted 4!!!!! and when I crossed the border I did sing out loud “Sweet Home Alabama”…….

So tomorrow we are off to Double Springs, Alabama……..




2 responses

3 08 2011

Steven, go easy on those corn dogs, you are starting to sound very southern….

Your friend in Virginia,


3 08 2011

As i said to Dayle, i am reading ur blogs and enjoying the tales. Glad ur both recording them!

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