Day 3 & 4 – Mullins, SC to Gainesville, GE

31 07 2011

Well… has been an intense two days with a lot up in the air…..

We have been struggling to keep to target. On Day 3 we only hit 78 miles which ended up with Dayle and I having an argument. Don’t worry though we made up afterwards. I think sometimes its good to have an argument to get everything out in the open. We both made our points and we both understand each others point of view. Based on this we came out on Day 4 ready to roll, we were both focused and determined. It made a huge difference to our miles today and the time we managed to do it. We both rediscovered our AWESOMENESS and showed the American’s how us Brits can cycle even in the hottest of temperatures.

The heat has been intense, both yesterday & today it has hit over 100F, which makes cycling extremely hard. We have been stopping off every 30 minutes to put ice in our bottles to keep us cool. Everyone that we are talking to and telling them what we are doing is amazed with the miles that we are hitting in this heat. I think that all our training is paying off. I am feeling comfortable in hitting the 100 miles a day. I’m not saying its easy, parts of my body are in lots of pain but when I’m on the bike everything feels right.

So we have just finished Day 4 and although we were short yesterday we managed to hit over 115miles and be at the motel before dark. So all is good…..

Love to all




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