Day 2 – Mullins, SC to Winnsboro, SC

29 07 2011

So its the end of Day 2 and what a hard but awesome day. I think riding a bike for over 100 miles its amazing how changes in emotion fluctuate throughout the day. For the first 50 miles I felt awesome, I was just cycling along listening to my music thinking about stuff and taking in the scenery. When the day peaked the temperature made it really tough. I had to stop off at every petrol station to get ice to keep my drinks cool. There came a point where I thought for a second, what on earth am I doing, after having some chinese food I felt amazing. The last 40 miles were tough but seeing the sun set over the rolling hills of South Carolina I was reminded of why I am doing this trip. Truely inspiring end to the day.

So far it has felt like cycling through a film set. I’ve seen a house that looks like the one off Napoleon Dynamite and lots of houses that look like the ones from Forest Gump (which was filmed in North Carolina).

So its time to get some food and straight to bed. Love to all,





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29 07 2011

Linking Dayle’s truck experience and your comment on listening to music – I doubt I am the only person advising you not to cycle when plugged in. You need to hear the traffic around you – and coming up behind you. Good luck on Day 3.

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