DAY 1 – Surf City, NC to Mullins, SC

28 07 2011

So day 1 is over and what a tough day it has been. We have cycled 125miles over 12 hours including breaks which is a lot longer than I would have wanted. However the temperatures today hit well over 100F/37C which made the cycling extremely hard. I just kept thinking to myself, “don’t stop, just keep cycling”. I could not believe it as well but I have been chased by 4 dogs!!!!! and one them actually managed to bite Dayle’s foot. Crazy!!!!!!

We did meet some awesome people today who have all pledged to go on the website and donate to Coffee Kids. So although it has been hard it has definitely been worth it, we even had a guy pay for our dinner this evening. Americans are awesome……

Its time to go to bed and get some much needed rest as we start all over again tomorrow and we have got 118 miles to cover and  3000ft of climbing throughout the day……

Don’t forget to go to to donate…




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