1 Day to go…….

26 07 2011

So with only 1 day to go before we start cycling 3000 miles in 30 days its time to get serious. Last night we had an awesome time going to your average American bar and hanging out with the locals. With less than 24 hours my imagination is running wild just thinking about what we are going to face, the adventures that we will have and the amazing people we will meet. Judging by how the past few days have gone it is definitely going to be eventful but most importantly a lot of fun. This will be the hardest challenge I have ever done but I’m sure its not going to be the last. Even though I haven’t even started this one I admit I’m already thinking about what to do next and I have a few ideas!!!!!!!

People ask my why? why do you want to cycle across america? why do you want to do these things in life? I read a quote by Christopher Reeve yesterday which makes a lot of sense to me:

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool, or you go out into the ocean”

Lets see if I’m a good swimmer…………….

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