How have I got to this point? About to embark on cycling 3000 miles in 30 days!!!!!!

15 06 2011

I have been thinking recently, how have I got to this point in life? What defining moments have led me to wanting to cycle 3000 miles in 30 days?

Just like every other 18 year old, I went off to university in 2003. I entered my 1st year to study Business Studies at the University of Sheffield. During my first couple of months I found out about the study abroad program; transferring your 2nd year of study to vast choice of foreign universities, including America. I went to the information seminars and decided to apply. However just before Christmas I changed my mind. Having made some awesome friends in Sheffield I didn’t want to the leave them all. I told my Dad and he persuaded me to just apply to see if I get accepted before I made a final decision. In hind sight this moment changed everything. Would I be where I am today if my Dad hadn’t have persuaded me to apply? I would never have gone to America and lived in Norman, Oklahoma.

Before I lived in America, I had never been interested in coffee. Id never tried it before. To quote Dayle “It just wasn’t my cup of tea!!!!” Living in America at the time, it was impossible to avoid coffee houses, especially Starbucks. Meeting in a coffee house to have a latte in America is the equivalent of meeting in the pub for a beer in theUK. There was one day I went to the students union and standing in the queue to buy a drink and I thought “I’ll try one of those Lattes’s”. From that moment on I have loved coffee…

I’ve only recently been interested in road cycling and that is thanks to a good friend, Jonny P. Last year he came up with the idea of cycling from John O Groats to Lands End and asked if I wanted to join in. In my usual way I said “Yeh why not, sounds like fun”. Id never done road cycling before but I thought this would be a great way to see if I liked it and you know what I loved it……

It’s amazing how seemingly unimportant moments in life can have profound effects on where we are heading and what we will be doing in the future. The great moments in life won’t always be the things that you do; they also turn out to be the things that happen to you. On any one day you can step out of your house and your whole life will change forever….the universe has a plan and that plan is always in motion to put you in the right place at the right time….




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