The route has been planned…..

21 05 2011

After spending many hours and days I have finally finished planning the 3000 mile route across America.  In planning this route I could have gone with one of the many tried and tested routes such as the ones on  In terms of safety these routes would make a lot of sense, however a huge part of the excitement in this trip has been the planning, deciding where we want to go and what we want to do. In going with a pre-planned route we would not have this freedom. The main reason we are going to this particular route is I wanted to visit Norman, Oklahoma for a couple of days. In 2004-05 I studied at the University of Oklahoma and met some amazing people. A big part of this trip for me is after 6 years to go back a relive a life changing time of my life.

Given the time of year and the changes in altitude (on one day we will have to climb 4000 feet over about 20 miles on Day 26) it’s like running a full marathon every day in temperatures over 100F/38C.  There are parts where we will not see civilization for over 100 miles at a time.  This is the hardest physical and mental challenge I have ever set myself. A year’s worth of training and planning will come down to 30 days of cycling 7-8 hours every day. It is a trip that will make me stronger, will change who I am and will effect what I will do in the future…………..

Go to for a detailed look at where we will be going.




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