Obsessed with achievement…….

20 03 2011

In setting up my coffee shop over the past 2 years I have made some sacrifices. For the first 6 months I didn’t get a single day off. I worked every hour of every day and only went home to sleep. Also in setting up this business it has been important that I work hard to make it profitable, meaning I haven’t been paying myself much, only just enough to pay my bills and feed me. These are things that I have been more than willing to do but the time has come to change.


It’s always been important to me to work hard to achieve my goals. I’ve always been working towards something. Whether it’s to achieve good grades at university, making my business profitable or pulling off this cycleAMERICA2011.com project. Every day I am planning everything that I need to do and there is never enough time to get it all done. I have become obsessed with achievement…….I have begun to loose sight of the most important part of life, to spend quality time with family and friends. The fulfillment of life comes from not only achieving our goals but also from shared experiences with the people we care about.


Life is a balancing act between working towards your dreams and spending quality time with family & friends. Its time I reassessed mine…..





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