More training, more rest, more food…….

18 03 2011

Well today was my first full 24 hours off from work for a couple of weeks now….I avoided popping in and finding excuses to do work and spent the day cycling and eating. Things have been getting to me recently…things that don’t normally annoy me seem to be winding me up. So it felt brilliant to be out on the bike in the beautiful sunshine to clear my head. I managed a good 41 miles in 2hrs 50minutes, a little slower than what we are aiming for, but progress is being made. The cycling plan for America is to hit 35-40miles in 2hrs 30mins. If we do 3 of these sections we will hit our target for each day. However, the more training that I’m doing; the more I am realising how hard it’s going to be. I’m off to bed in a minute feeling shattered after today’s cycling, yet I only managed a third of what I will need to do 3 times a day for 30 days………

With only 4 months to go the key is more training, more rest and eating the right things (having a banana before a Big Mac meal does not cancel it out!!!!!!!!)

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