I’m getting rid of my car…….

18 02 2011

After 9 years of owning a car I have decided to sell up…..and I’m not sure whether I’m making the right decision……..


Just like most young males as soon as I turned 17 I learnt how to drive and bought my first car, a Peugeot 106. I think at that age it symbolised growing up and independence. I can remember going back to school after passing my test to pick up my mates. We just drove around for hours and hung out in a car park thinking we looked cool!!!!! It was a great sense of freedom from the constraints of parents. Five years ago I traded in the Peugeot and bought a VW Golf, the car I had wanted since I could remember. Within 6 months my mates Dayle (fellow America cyclist), Sanjay and I went on a road trip driving 3700 miles around Europe for 3 weeks. However it did start with Dayle crashing my car outside his parent’s house. (You should always look in the direction you are driving, not towards your parents and waving!!!!!!!!!) During this trip we were driving around Barcelona and ended up getting lost. Dayle was in the back giving directions from a Europe guidebook which had maps of all the major cities. We were driving around for hours……I was well pissed off, thinking why can’t we work out where we are? Then suddenly Dayle says “oh sorry guys, this is the Madrid map…………”.


So with this symbolism of independence and amazing memories from the car, why on earth am I selling it? Diesel and car insurance has got to a stupid price and unfortunately I can no longer afford to keep it. And with the cycle America trip in 5 months I have decided that it is the perfect time to sell up and vow to cycle everywhere instead to help with training……


To be honest if I had the choice (more money) I would definitely keep the car and in fact buy a better one. But unfortunately I think that sometimes you have to do things in life that you don’t really want to do. So I’m going to view this as an opportunity to get out on my bike to do more of what I love…..






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