My first blog…..Why am I cycling across America?

9 02 2011

Hello, my name is Steven Prime and this is my blog about my adventure cycling across? America. This is my first blog which is about why I have taken on this venture which is due to do an unfortunate circumstance but something I feel I should share. Today was the funeral of my uncle and godfather Dennis Malcolm. In late November he had been to the doctors about pains in his back, when he was diagnosed with cancer. I thought at first that he would recover as he done from the previous 3 times that he has had cancer over the years. I was told in late December that the cancer was terminal and that he only had a matter of days or weeks to live. During this time it was difficult to come to terms with the fact that he was going to die. I went to visit him in hospital on Christmas day, but what do you give and say to a man who knows he is going to die?

I did my best to lighten the mood by making some crap jokes and talking in a positive manner as I always do. After this the diagnosis I was told was that he had a matter of weeks to live. I waited…then I got a call to say that he would like to see me, which turned out to be the last time I would speak to him. He had deteriorated drastically since I saw him last, barely having the strength to speak. So I sat next to him and talked about my plans to cycle across the USA, how long it was going to take me, where I was going to stop at and the difficulties that we would face. I started to ask myself, why do I love cycling? And why do I want to cycle all that way across America. My mum, dad & sister have never been into sports; my dad has a strong hatred for all sport, as does my sister. However after the funeral I realised where my desire for cycling came from. A speech was being given about Den’s life and he mentioned the sports that he had loved, one of them was cycling. At this moment I remembered a few years ago when I was on holiday in France with my family and Den, when the two of us got hold of some bikes and went off on a bike ride through the beautiful French countryside. My cousin, Simon, was bored and came along for the ride. The sky was clear blue, hardly any wind and the hills weren’t too bad. This was my first real experience of cycling. (I cycled when I was younger but nothing more than hanging out with friends and cycling around the block to look cool!!!) We cycled for a couple of hours. At the top of every hill we had to wait for Simon to catch up, puffing and panting, however it was an amazing sense of freedom and adventure that I had experienced with my uncle. Although a seemingly unimportant experience at the time, this experience had influenced what I will be doing now and in the future.

I believe that what we do in life has the opportunity to live on through the people we meet and through my uncle my love of cycling became a part of what I do with my life.

To be philosophical; what we do in life echoes in eternity…





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15 02 2011
Arturs Liepins

Thats very sad and im sorry for your and your families loss. This may sound stupid to you but you should believe that your uncle’s spirit is still there… and he is very proud of you.


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